Project Description

The first task that a lenticular printer has to face is to calibrate the printing process and the stock of lenses, to ensure that the images created are aligned exactly with the lenses used. The images printed on the plastic should be processed in such a way that they match perfectly the number of lenses per inch of the plastic. This number is also known by the name of pitch.

Both the manufacturing process of the plastics, as well as the printing process, make the pitch value change slightly from its nominal value. In order for the lenticular image to be correctly seen, it is critical to calculate the exact pitch for each job, and it is here where the calibration module enters into play. The function of this module is to generate a series of interlaced bands with different frequencies which, after they have been printed on the plastic, produce interference patterns which reveal the exact pitch value.

Example of lenticular calibration (75,6 lenses/inch):