Imagiam provides various levels of training to customers of all sizes. With our support options, you can be certain that you will have a lenticular production line that operates without problems, whatever your level of previous experience in this field:

  1. The first support option is self-help. The application comes with thorough tutorials which explain, step by step with pictures and screenshots, how to print lenticular images with different effects.
  2. The second option is email/chat support for those questions or concerns which could not be resolved with the tutorials.
  3. Finally, for those customers who wish to accelerate the learning process, we also offer on site and remote training services.

Launched in 2000, our solution has been tested by hundreds of users on multiple printing equipment, operating systems, languages and locales. All of them are printing excellent lenticular images, whether in offset or in large format.

In addition, different labs of large manufacturers of printing equipment have tested the software intensively at their facilities and have concluded that it is a perfect solution for their users: Heidelberg, KBA, Océ, Gandinnovations, etc.

Our solution comes with everything you need to create lenticular images easily and efficiently. Several modules are available, which perform all the tasks associated with lenticular printing: pitch calibration, lenticular interlacing, generation of 3D effects and imposition.

The graphical user interface is easy to handle. The tutorials are thorough and answer all the questions that you could have in regard to the application.

The priority goal of Imagiam is the quality of our software. Given that we have a small and responsive structure which generates low fixed expenses, we can invest most of our resources in innovation and development. As a result, we are able to offer software of excellent quality at a very competitive price.

We do not spend a fortune on advertising, but the market has rewarded our work by recognizing us. We have satisfied customers in more than 45 countries and several manufacturers of printer equipment are already recommending Imagiam.

Produce visual applications which are more attractive, thanks to the surprising effects which can be achieved with lenticular technology: movement, animation, depth and 3D.

Make yourself stand out by offering your customers a value-added product with an impressive and striking appearance.

We are proud of the technological architecture of our application and our algorithms. The software uses advanced digital image processing techniques to do things that other competitors cannot:

  • Images are processed in short bursts to avoid whole load into memory. This way, large high resolution files can be processed at top speed on equipment with only 2 GB of RAM or less.
  • Multiple parallel prefetching caches accelerate access to image files and prevent the hard disc from becoming a bottleneck.

Within the established requirements, our wide customer base has shown that the application fulfills its functions properly on any combination of hardware, operating system, printer equipment, resolution, lenticular plastic or type of image to be processed.

Under extreme conditions of use (very high resolutions, high number of files to be processed, etc.), the software operates at its full technological potential in order to offer a perfect output in record time.

On Windows platforms, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems are supported.

On MacOS X platforms, MacOS X 10.4, MacOS X 10.5, MacOS X 10.6, MacOS X 10.7 y MacOS X 10.8 operating systems are supported.

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Whether Offset, Flatbed UV or Large format, Imagiam provides solutions that are adapted to each printing style. Follow our recommendations in order to find the best product for your business needs.
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