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PRO and ULTRA editions are the top of the range of our solutions and have been created for offset printers. They allow any type of lenticular job to be done, either in offset or in large format. Exclusive functions are available, such as:

  • Imposition module to align lenticular images automatically with the lenses of the plastic and to prepare them for the cutter.
  • Capacity to export work in the PDF format.

The sole difference between the PRO and the ULTRA editions is that the PRO edition works only up to 80 LPI, while the ULTRA has no limits. The PRO edition is enough if you are going to work with plastics of 75, 62 LPI or less. If you are going to print with plastics of 100, 150 LPI or more, then the ULTRA edition will be needed.

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The STANDARD edition allows to create lenticular effects of any type at a very competitive price. Although the STANDARD edition is the basic version of our solution, it provides all the tools needed to produce high quality images in the pitch ranges that are usually handled on this equipment, typically 40 LPI or less.

The PRO edition is located at a higher level and adds some functions, such as direct export to PDF or the capacity to do depth tests by batch. These are not indispensable functions to begin work but they help to improve productivity.

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The STANDARD edition is the best bet on the market in terms of the cost-benefit ratio.

It provides large format printers with all the tools needed to produce images of any type of lenticular effect at a very economical price. It works up to 75 LPI and has no restrictions on the size of the images to be produced.

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Imagiam provides several editions of its lenticular software to suit different customer and budget profiles.
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