The flip effect combines two or more very different images. The images change as the angle of observation changes.

The best lenses for the flip effect are those that are designed with a relatively large viewing angle. With this, the observer can easily see the original images since small movements do not produce a jump in the image. Only large movements by the observer or the printed material cause the jump from one image to the other.



The animation effect is composed of various sequential images that show small differences between one image and the next.

The angle of observation from which the same image is seen is of medium size. Normally both eyes see the same image at the same time but small movements by the observer or the printed material cause a jump to the next image in the sequence.


The layered 3D effect consists of creating an illusion of depth from various independent objects separated in layers. It is an easy technique to perform, which usually converts it into the gateway for new users.



Lenticular images with real 3D effect can also be obtained through 3D modeling programs: StudioMax, Lightwave, Maya, Autocad.


Lenticular prints with 3D effect allow each eye to see a different image. Due to the ability of stereoscopic vision of human being, the brain is able to integrate both images to create a three-dimensional illusion without the need for special glasses.

Volumetric 3D techniques add depth and relief sensations impossible to achieve through other alternatives. The conversion of 2D images to 3D performed with this system achieves a high degree of realism.



The possibilities of lenticular technology are used to their greatest extent in 3D images that incorporate flip effects. The results achieved with this format have a tremendous visual impact on the observer.

In the following examples notice how certain objects change shape or color in order to enhance the 3D effect.



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