On site and remote training plans

Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a training plan to accelerate the implementation of lenticular technology in your business.

Besides software, lenticular printing is a technology that requires knowledge and experience in order to achieve motion, image change or high quality 3D effects. We refer to all aspects ranging from the characteristics of lenticular plastics to equipment settings, RIPs, CTPs, workflows, prevention of unwanted artifacts such as moiré, banding, phase loss, etc.

For over 15 years, Imagiam tutorials have taught all the skills and tricks needed for customers to successfully learn the art of lenticular printing by themselves.

Other customers, however, often ask for custom training plans, either on site or remotely, to accelerate the implementation of new lenticular production lines. These are typically companies with offset UV or flat bed printing equipment that need to implement lenticular technology with a total guarantee of success, within short timeframes and with controlled costs.

To that end, we have developed:

  • Lenticular training and consulting plans at the customer’s facilities. These are completely tailor-made projects that can be adjusted to the most demanding requirements. Recommended for offset or time-critical flat bed deployments.
  • We also have, at a fraction of the cost, remote training plans for those cases in which physical presence at the customer’s site is not a critical factor.

Both types of plans offer integrated solutions that cover software, updates, plastics, training, support, consulting, catalog development, commercial samples, etc. We would like to emphasize that our courses are taught by experts in lenticular printing with over 20 years of experience in the industry.