Testimonials from real customers

Studio for Digital Arts and Media

“With Imagiam’s Lenticular Suite the complete workflow can be done in the studio by reaching a high level of accuracy. Lenticular Images generated with Lenticular Suite have been shown at digital art venues such as Siggraph Art Show, Ars electronica Festival and in exhibitions all over the world. With the fast, continuous support over years and the fact that the software works both on Mac OS and Windows it was one of the best investments in software I have ever done.”

Horizon Digital Print Solutions

“Horizon began designing and printing lenticulars in 2013 and quickly realised that we needed a software solution to assist us with the precise technical aspects involved in successful lenticular printing. Upon recommendation from our material supplier, we purchased Imagiam’s Lenticular Suite software and haven’t looked back since. Lenticular Suite is intuitive, eliminates the need for guesswork and has greatly improved both the accuracy and time involved in creating and printing lenticulars. We’d be lost without it!”

Polygravia Arts Graphiques SA

“At Polygravia, we are using Lenticular Suite from years. The product helps us to develop and improve the technology. We are producing large and small format and this solution was really competitive and easy handling for what we were looking for. Don’t need to buy an expensive software to begin a lenticular specialization.”

Liceo Gráfico

“We at Liceo Gráfico are specialists in lenticular printing in both small and large format. Without a doubt, one of our key partners is Imagiam, with which we have improved our technology over the years. We currently offer lenticular printing services all over the world and Imagiam is one of the key points that has allowed this growth.”

Jorge Talavera, Liceo Gráfico


“Seripafer has been creating and printing lenticular images since 1998. After working with several lenticular softwares available on the market, Imagiam is the one that has worked best for us, due to the ease, speed and quality of its lenticular processes, achieving impressive effects. It adjusts very well to the lenses of the material, which makes it much easier to print on this support.”

Vicente Pérez, Seripafer SL

SPP Digital

“I have found Imagiam very easy to use, and have had some fantastic results!”

Lee Fitzsimmons, SPP digital

Printing equipment manufacturers

Océ Dinamarca

“We have been using Imagiam’s software for creating lenticular prints at tradeshows and Customer demos. Even though lenticular is not an easy and straight forward application, but one that really requires knowledge and precision, we were able to create stunning images in no time. I was surprised by the user friendliness of the software. And the manual answers all the questions that one might have about the software. We also find that the price is more than reasonable considering all the effects we can achieve.”

Søren Højgaard Simonsen, Océ Dinamarca

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

“We at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG have chosen Imagiam’s Lenticular Effects software for our demo center in Heidelberg, Germany, as well as for other locations around the world. We think that Lenticular Effects is an interlacing software that simply does the job, it’s easy to understand, convenient to operate, and in combination with our prepress workflow it leads to very impressive results. When thinking about an interlacing software, give Imagiam a try.”

Uli Bader, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

KBA-MePrint AG

“The software is easy to learn and easy to use. A big advantage of Imagiam is that Lenticular Effects works on both platforms, Mac and PC. This is a good and economic solution for our customers to achieve excellent lenticular prints.”

Michael Klafke, KBA-MePrint AG
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