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As a lenticular software development company, we are often asked by customers whether we sell lenticular plastics. In our beginnings we hadn’t even considered that case, as we didn’t want to lose sight of our policy of focusing on the development, maintenance and improvement of our software.

However, as we have grown, we have felt that, in addition to software and training, it was important to be equipped with a lenticular plastic sales service in order to offer customers a comprehensive and complete solution that can be adapted to any need.

Imagiam provides high quality lenticular plastics for both small-format offset printing and large-format digital printing. Our plastics are selected, tested and previously validated by a team of experts in lenticular printing. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality and stability of our supplies.

Lenticular plastics


Our catalog of pitches:

  • 10 LPI
  • 20 LPI
  • 40 LPI
  • 60 LPI
  • 75 LPI
  • With and without adhesive
  • Small and large quantities