Flip, animation, 3D... and much more!

Lenticular Effects v4.1 provides all the tools needed to produce lenticular images with effects of any kind quickly and easily.
  • Generation of flip and animation effects.
  • Generation of 3D effects using Photoshop layers.
  • Generation of complex 3D volumetric effects using the technique known as Grayscale mapping or Displacement mapping.
  • Imposition module for assembling several lenticular images quickly on the same lenticular plastic.
  • Pitch calibration module.
  • Automatic generation of animations to export lenticular effects to the web.
  • Rescale of output images (6.2 version).
  • Anisotropic resolutions (6.2 version).
  • Interlacing with optional 90 degree rotation (6.2 version).
  • Multicore optimizations (6.2 version).
  • Full screen previews (6.2 version).
  • 16 bits/channel support (6.2 version).
  • MPO files support (6.2 version).
  • PSB files up to 300.000 x 300.000 pixels size supported (6.2 version).
  • Advanced color management using ICC profiles.
  • Export to PDF format.
  • Available for Windows PC and Apple MacOS X.

Main modules


The Flash export tool provides animations for the web, which reproduce the original lenticular effects on the screen. The input images, typically in medium or high resolution, are automatically scaled down to lower resolutions that are appropriate to the Flash format.

This tool optimizes the size and quality of the files obtained and increases productivity enormously in the creation of galleries of effects or samples for the customer.

Update: 6.2 version can also export animations to GIF and PDF.


  • Unlimited number of input images.
  • Unlimited number of layers or depth planes.
  • Unlimited size of the input images.
  • Unlimited range of supported pitches.

Tested by large manufacturers

Our software has been intensively tested by manufacturers and users on multiple printing equipment, operating systems, languages and locales.