Imagiam High Image Techs Ltd is a privately held software company located in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in the year 2000, Imagiam is currently one of the world’s leading providers of lenticular software.

Lenticular Effects is the lenticular printing software brand currently being actively developed by Imagiam. The first version of the software, launched in the year 2000, quickly became an interesting alternative for printers in need of competent software at a reasonable price. However, the history of Imagiam dates back to a few years before that.

After graduating as a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polythecnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and working for two years in the Department of Digital Image Processing of the UPC, David García discovered in 1997 some innovative algorithms for image segmentation –or automatic object recognition– which offered significantly better results than those obtained to date with other systems. Encouraged by this discovery, between 1997 and 1999 he spent most of his time developing two applications that exploited the benefits of this new technology. Thus MaskWarrior and PathOptimizer were born, two plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop for the automatic generation of masks and paths.

These developments did not go unnoticed to the local investment community and some analysts realized that the algorithms could have powerful applications in several fields of industry. In 1999, Carles Ubach, a business consultant, met up with David García and decided to invest in his entrepreneurial project collaborating as a business angel. Together they managed to raise venture capital and, in May of 2000, Imagiam High Image Techs Ltd was officially founded as a privately held company. By then Lenticular Effects had joined the catalog of applications of the organization.

With satisfied customers in more than 45 countries, and collaboration agreements with large manufacturers –Heidelberg, KBA-MetroPrint, Océ, HP– Imagiam covers many markets today and is still growing significantly.