How can I buy and pay for the license?

You can buy it directly from our website through the PayPal secure payment gateway, which accepts all major credit cards. In some countries there are authentication restrictions that may cause delays of several days in verifying the card. In these cases Imagiam can sell the product to you directly by paying with Visa or MasterCard. If preferred, you can make the payment via direct wire transfer from your bank to ours.

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If I buy now a license with the basic functions to start working (e.g. STANDARD), can I then upgrade to more advanced licenses later (e.g. ULTRA)?

Yes, Imagiam guarantees the investment made in the purchase of the initial license: we will apply a discount to the price of the more advanced license which is equal to 80% of the amount initially paid.

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How can I access new versions of the software from older versions (3.x or earlier)?

Imagiam provides access to its new versions through a one-time maintenance payment equal to 15% per year elapsed from the purchase date to the present time. The update is made by remote update of the USB dongle.

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