Lenticular Effects is the lenticular printing software brand currently being actively developed by Imagiam. Lenticular Effects is a recognized product that is successfully being used in hundreds of installations worldwide. In the early days of Imagiam, in addition, we also marketed plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop for the automatic generation of masks and paths. These plug-ins are not currently supported but we like to remember them because in their time they helped us grow and now form a part of our history.

Lenticular Effects

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Lenticular Effects is a scalable multiplatform solution for creating and printing lenticular images with different effects: Flip, zoom, movement, animation, 3D... and many more!

The solution is easy to use and is considered the fastest in the market.

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These are the plug-ins –currently unsupported– that helped us in our beginnings:


MaskWarrior is a plug-in for Adobe PhotoShop for automatically generating professional quality masks. It is the first and only software on the market that includes functionalities based on automatic object recognition, thanks to Imagiam’s own revolutionary image segmentation technology which makes it quick, easy and intuitive to select objects.


PathOptimizer is a plug-in for Adobe PhotoShop that automatically converts masks to a 100% optimised path. With PathOptimizer, you can easily edit your selections as masks with your favourite masking tool (e.g. MaskWarrior) and convert them to 100% optimized paths at the last moment without any loss of quality.